by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

Skin exfoliation and abrasion

Humans have invented all kinds of techniques to exfoliate their skin, while forgetting the original method;
grooming it with their nails.

Exfoliating facial mask

There is a far better way to remove dead skin cells.

Why is exfoliation needed?

The monthly epidermis renewal system is amazing.
But, it doesn't work perfectly.

Humans are naturally equipped with the best tools

"Human grooming" video

You want exfoliation?
Try using your nails

Skin cell falling off groomed arm

When grooming under certain lighting conditions,

you can actually see the skin cells fall off.

Only your nails will do

The origins of skin exfoliation

Mechanical exfoliation

• Rasps
• Stones
• Brushes
• Gloves
• Abrasive soaps
• Micro-dermabrasion
• Dermabrasion
• Lasers


• Clay
• Chemical masks
• Oatmeal
• Yogurt
• Lemon
• Cucumbers


• Exfoliating cleansers
• Wine and grapes
• Chemical gels, creams and lotions
• Peelings

You can't see how thick your skin is

What you see

Actual skin

Actual skin thickness
Skin thickness chat

You can't see the thickness of your skin,

but you can feel it with your fingertips and nails.

The return of an ancestral behavior

Exfoliating facial mask
"Human grooming" video
Skin cell falling off groomed arm