by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

A pain-free old age by grooming your skin

Old age is a time when every move you make becomes so painful that you hardly move anymore.

Wrinkled t-shirt
Aged face detail

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Folds can be unfolded using grooming techniques.

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Grooming can remove the pain and disabilities

Revise your views about pain.

The pain is in the skin

Remove your aches and pains naturally.

The folds are responsible for your chronic aches and pains

Grooming under the knee

Locating your pain in your skin

will have a reassuring effect on you.

Your skin is strangling your articulations

Folds on wrist

- Where are the trouble-spots?

- In the deep grooves.

Arthritis and rheumatism

Grooming the top side of your knee

The principle is simple.

Putting pressure on the folds crushes their foundations

and frees you from the pain.

Rehabilitate your disabilities

Walking aids

Pain makes you use these aids.
Locate the aching spots and
press your nail on them.

Old age and nervous disorders

Although the brain and spinal cord are surrounded by tough membranes, enclosed in the bones of the skull and spinal vertebrae, and chemically isolated by the blood–brain barrier, they are very susceptible if compromised.

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Folds in the neck area

The nerves passing through the neck are particularly vulnerable. They get compressed, bent and pinned down by the big folds in the skin .

Restoring your looks

Removing the wrinkles for aesthetic reasons

Aged skin

- Why is this skin so folded?
- Because it never has been touched.

Sagging skin and deep folds

Folds and sagging skin

The skin hangs between the folds.

Two problems =  Two grooming methods

Grooming the eye with one single finger

Start by working on your biggest problems.

Free yourself

Grooming under the knee
Folds on wrist
Grooming the top side of your knee
Walking aids
Folds in the neck area
Aged skin
Folds and sagging skin
Grooming the eye with one single finger