by Daniel Laberge
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Human beauty

Humans haven't invented beauty

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What is beauty?

Beauty is to your sense of sight what;
● "smelling good" is to your sense of smell,
● being delicious, to your sense of taste,
● harmony, to your sense of hearing, and
● a caress, to your sense of touch.

There was beauty on earth long before humans evolved

First flower

The first flowers appeared at least 140 million years ago.

Beauty originates in attraction and desire, but it has come to represent health.

Natural tools and techniques to attain beauty

"Human grooming" video

Trying to define beauty

When you see living beauty,

you see health

Beauty is the basis of attraction

Beauty creates excitement and desire in humans

Folds in the face are key to ugliness

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder

Beauty has a bad reputation

Humans evolving towards beauty

Differentiating real and fake beauty

Being attracted to real beauty is natural,
but going for fake beauty represents  a mental problem.

What is fake beauty?

Artificial fruits

Fake fruits.
Are you hungry?

Plastic flowers

Plastic flowers
Are they beautiful to you?

Devaluing artificial beauty

Fake flowers

Real flower

Fake flowers
Real flower

Can you compare the beauty of these flowers without devaluing those on the left in some way?

Are you decorating yourself with artificial beauty?

Decorated eye

Decorated human eye.

Person hidden behind her clothes

Is an ugly person hiding behind these beautiful accessories?
If not, why wear them?

Is your beauty real or fake?

The three steps to artificial makeup beauty

Raccoon eyes

Some women find their raccoon eyes so essential that they go for permanent makeup.

Clown lips

Do clown lips make women look like one?

The foundation mask

The foundation mask kills your expressiveness.

Fabricated aesthetics and brainwashed people

Beautiful objects
Aesthetics vs functionality

Flashing artificial beauty is offensive to others

Boycott fake beauty


I won't even talk to her.

The future of aesthetics

"Human grooming" video
Artificial fruits
Plastic flowers
Decorated eye
Person hidden behind her clothes