by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

Ugly males

For millions of years, women have selected the  most attentive and caring partners rather  than the most attractive ones.
It's no wonder human males are so ugly.


Botanists or animal breeders use selection to improve some characteristics of different species.

They simply select the best individuals and utilize their seed for future generations.

For the human race, selection is made by the female and male partners of each couple.

But the reasons why each sex selects the other differ.

A woman will choose a man who takes care of her, while males will go for the best looking partner.

An imbalance in beauty

After millions of years, you can witness the results.

Have a look at the average human couple and you will see that the female is much more beautiful that her male counterpart.

Aren't women called the «the fair sex»?

But this imbalance has several consequences on our relationships.

Women aren't attracted to men

Men don't provoke in women the same desire that they feel for them.

I believe a majority of women prefer chocolate to sex.

Some women don't even know what physical attraction is, because they've never met a man that would cause that response in them.

They consider male reactions as being childish because they've never experienced the devastating power of beauty.

Both sexes are responsible

for the situation

Men aren't very inclined to take care of their appearance.

Trying to be beautiful is not necessarily considered as being manly.

Rather than seducing women, males will try any other method to charm them.

On the other hand, some women may feel insecure with an attractive male.

They're called womanizers, philanders, Casanovas, lady's men, wolves, ...

Men are more folded

The folding does not affect the two sexes of our race in the same manner.

Males are, in my opinion, about 20% more folded than the female are.

The skeletons and skulls of male humans are thicker and coarser. They have more asperity and squareness.

The larynx of males (the protruding part is known as Adam's apple) descends at puberty causing great tensions in the masculine face.

Signs of male folding

You can observe the effects of the extra folds in men by:

•The faster deterioration of cuteness in boys.

•Adolescent males have much more severe acne than girls do.

•Hair loss and balding starts so many years earlier in men.

•Skin cancer is more prevalent in males.

Grooming to the rescue of men

Women get ready to see true male beauty!

Since they are more folded, grooming will have a more observable effect on men.

You'll find out that groomed men simply keep the charm they had when they were kids.

Equal in beauty

The long term goal is to equalize the beauty of both sexes of our race.

This is not going to be easy, because women will also benefit greatly from grooming.

But any amelioration is welcome, the present situation is sexist.

A change in attitude

In my opinion, attraction is the primary value behind reproduction.

If you aren't physically attracted to a person, don't mate.

If we have built a world where women pair for material reasons, it has to be changed.

Let's hope grooming will initiate the transition.