by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

Fold crossing theory

A single fold is a theoretical concept. On your body, any fold will inevitably meet another fold.

Fold crossing evolution

Fold crossing creation

Fold A
Fold B

Analogy with roads

Fold crossing

The skin is greatly deformed by the meeting of the two folds.

Fold crossing and heat

Heat in the center of a fold crossing

The heat is worse in the center and at the four corners.

Wound healing locks the center

The fold crossing chimney

The center of the fold crossing forms a cavern

Trapped skin

A hole at the center

A cavern made of skin.

Crossings growing inward

Fold crossing digging into the skin

Fold crossing deepening into the skin.

Continuous refolding at the top


Skin thickening

Fold crossing styles

Two-way fold crossings

•Two-way crossings

Merging fold crossing

•Merging crossing

Multiple or star fold crossings

•Multiple or star crossings

Further fold crossing evolution


Locks on a fold crossing

Locks on a fold crossing.

The grid of folds

Your whole body is covered with a grid of folds

Grid of folds

The folds form a grid

inside the skin.

The grid and skin tensions

Tensions on one fold crossing

Tensions on one crossing.

The grid links the fold crossings

The grid links the crossings.

The grid is problematic

The grid is tightening