by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

Fold crossing theory

A single fold is a theoretical concept. On your body, any fold will inevitably meet another fold.

Fold crossings
Railroad crossing becomes skin fold crossing


Fold crossings on the forehead

Fold crossing evolution

Fold crossing creation

Fold A
Fold B
Fold's crossing point becomes fixed

When the center is locked in place, it restrains the movement of the skin around it.

Pulling from several sides

Once a fold crossing is locked in place, it receives the pull  from your actions and positions.

Analogy with roads

Street corner

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Crossings; where things happen.

Fold crossing and heat

Heat in the center of a fold crossing

The heat occurs mostly in the center of the fold crossing.

Wound healing locks the center

Fold crossing

The fold crossing solidifies.

Most fold crossings are unobservable


Fold crossings in the palm of the hand

Some fold crossings are visible on the palm of your hands and feet and on your face. Press your nail into some crossings to ascertain how deep they are.

The fold crossing chimney

The center of the fold crossing forms a cavern

A hole at the center

A cavern in the skin.

Crossings growing inward

Fold crossing digging into the skin

Cross section of a fold crossing deepening into the skin.

Dimples are fold crossings

There are dozens of fold crossings on this chin. If this one is visible, it's because it's larger than the others.

Fold crossing chimneys pin down the skin

Cushion button like a fold crossing

Fold crossings bind the skin and create a crater. This button on a cushion does a similar job.

Large fold crossing in the neck

Huge fold crossing.

Outgrowths, skin conditions and disorders

Closed fold crossings

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Closed fold crossings create all kinds of skin problems and defects.

For more information on skin outgrowths

Fold crossing patterns

Two-way fold crossings

•Two-way crossings

Merging fold crossing

•Merging crossing

Multiple or star fold crossings

•Multiple or star crossings

The grid of folds

Your whole body is covered with a grid of folds

The grid of folds

The grid of folds.

Grid of folds

The folds form a grid

inside the skin.

The grid; skin tensions and pain

Tug-a war

© Robert Clemens

-Where are all the tensions relayed?
-In the center.

Stable fold crossing

Equal tensions on one fold crossing

Equal tensions on a fold crossing.

Destabilized fold crossings

Unequal tensions on one fold crossing

The tension is relayed to the following crossings along the fold.

The grid links the fold crossings

Any movement you make pulls on the neighboring crossings.

The grid is problematic

The grid is tightening

Fold crossings
Fold crossings on the forehead
Pulling from several sides
Street corner
Fold crossings in the palm of the hand
Dimples are fold crossings
Large fold crossing in the neck
Closed fold crossings
Tug-a war
Unequal tensions on one fold crossing