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Thanks for your interest

I want to thank all groomers for taking the time and the risk of attempting to perform on themselves the methods and moves described here.
Once you start grooming, you generally don't stop.
So, keep up the good work

Not my invention

I have not invented grooming.
Grooming is God's idea, not mine. Don't blame me for it.
Grooming is the act of healing and beautifying oneself or another.
Grooming implies touching.
Humans have stopped touching.

Only my opinion

What is presented in this site is only my personal opinion.
I will keep on adding information about grooming in this space regularly.
Thanks for reading it.

Before we part, let me give you a big hug and groom you for a moment.

Good grooming.



Groom at your own risk.
You are entirely responsible
for what you do to your body.


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