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Folds in the skin

Why can't dermatologists see the evidence?
The skin is folded over.

Some folds are obvious, such as the large ones behind your ears and those that form your armpits.
But what about those on your hands and all over your body?

Lines on hand?

What do you call them?
Lines, wrinkles or folds?

The word «lines» doesn't fit.
Surely those are more than just lines; they have a width, a depth and lots of details along their path.
Calling them lines is a simplistic way of describing them.
Are they «wrinkles»?
Most people would say they are not, because wrinkles are characteristic of old and damaged skin.

They are folds

Close visual inspection only confirms that the skin is folded inwards.
You can trace the origin of these folds back to all the movements, expressions and positions you've taken, made or held during your life.
Their path has tightened and solidified resulting in permanent folds.
The skin is so badly bent that it doubles up, and that one part now lies on another. A section of skin is emprisoned.
Epidermis over epidermis.

Folds on forehead   Folds on wrist
Folds on the forehead   Folds on the wrist
Fo;ds on wrist   Folds on elbow
Folds on the wrist   Folds on the elbows

Do these look like lines and wrinkles,
or is the skin completely folded over?

Like a pleated or folded fabric

Skin is a tissue.
Just like any tissue, it can be crumpled, folded and creased.

Folded fabric   Folded fabric
Folded fabric   Folded fabric

There is one easy way to find out.
Use your nails.

Simply press your nail onto the bottom of any fold on your body.
Put moderate pressure and explore.
Follow the path of the fold.

Grooming folds in palm

You can feel that the skin is folded,
and that the pressure you apply
opens up the fold.


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