by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

The main skin folds on the human body

Fold types

Vertical folds

Vertical folds

Basic vertical folds.

Your skin is like a banana peel or a molded object

Cut banana
Symmetrical food

Why isn't a banana round?
Why is it segmented?

Two symmetrical sides, like you.

Seam on a chocolate bunny

Your central vertical fold is similar to the joint between these two chocolate halves.

Initial vertical folds have a fetal origin

Six week human embryo

© Nilsson, Lennart 1990
A Child is Born. Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence

A human embryo in the sixth week.
You can see the position of the future vertical center fold.

The most important fold

The vertical center fold

The vertical center fold separates the right and left sides of your body.

Vertical central fold on abdomen

Can you locate the vertical center fold?

Divided brain

Other important vertical folds

The vertical front/back fold

The vertical front/back fold delimits the separation between the front and the back of you.

The vertical front/back fold on side of hand

You can see the vertical front/back fold separating the bottom from the top of this hand. The skin is even different on each side.

The vertical quarter folds

The vertical quarter folds.

Horizontal folds

Horizontal folds

Horizontal folds circle

every part of your body.
Only a few are pictured here.
More folds keep on forming in between,
all through your life.

Horizontal fold formation

Folds on a 9 month fetus

Nine-month-old fetus with horizontal folds on the wrist.

Folds on wrist of newborn baby

Permanent horizontal folds on the wrist of a newborn baby.

Folds on wrist

Some folds on this adult wrist were already in place at birth.

Horizontal folds and on-axis articulations

Horizontal folds around the neck

Horizontal folds around the neck.

Compressed and stretched horizontal folds

Compressed and stretched folds on an articulation

Different kinds of folds can be found on both sides of every articulation.

Stretched horizontal folds on fingers

Stretched horizontal folds

Compressed horizontal folds on fingers

Compressed horizontal folds

Horizontal folds, joints and pain

Knee X-ray - Wikipedia

Knee X-ray

© Hellerhoff 2015

The skin covering an articulation becomes entangled into its moving parts.

Diagonal folds

Off-axis articulation diagonal folds

Hip articulation

Illustrated by Henry Gray

Your hip joints are diagonal

Angled walking folds

Diagonal hip folds

Diagonal folds on hand

Diagonal hand folds

Rotational diagonal folds

Folds in the back while exercising

Folds in the back while exercising

Notice how the large vertical folds at the top of the back become a multitude of diagonal folds at the waist, where the body can be rotated.

Angled repetitive movement diagonal folds

Folds while cutting with scissors

How many times can you do this movement before your skin reacts with pain?

Facial expression folds

Facial expression on baby

© David Goehring

Facial expressions start long before birth and so do the folds that they create.

Facial expression on baby

© Lars Plougmann

Some expression folds on this baby's face are etched-in for life. They are permanent.

Various eyebrows

The shape of your eyebrows is like a log of your feelings and emotional states throughout your life

Body orifice folds

Orifice folds around the eye

© Adam Cohn

The folds around the eyes, called crow's feet, are body orifice folds.

Vertical mouth folds

Vertical mouth folds

Horizontal mouth folds

Horizontal mouth folds

Posture folds

Standing fold on foot

Standing fold

Wear folds

Wear folds on the nose

Wear folds on the nose after wearing glasses.

Wear folds on the wrist

© Tony Alter

Wear folds on the wrist.

Seam on a chocolate bunny
The vertical center fold
Folds on a 9 month fetus
Folds on wrist of newborn baby
Folds on wrist
Horizontal folds around the neck
Knee X-ray
Diagonal folds on hand
Folds in the back while exercising
Facial expression on baby
Facial expression on baby