Human grooming Grooming hand
Human grooming rediscovered

I salute all humans.
I am pleased to announce the rediscovery of grooming for humans.
Grooming, in our case, is performed directly on the skin with your fingertips and nails.
Two techniques are used; the first for superficial skin treatment and the second for deep skin problems.
Grooming is natural and free.

For a fast and informative introduction to grooming;
please watch the following videos.
Human grooming rediscovered video   The pain is in the skin video
Human grooming rediscovered
  The pain is in the skin

What is grooming?

Grooming is the action of unfolding your skin with your nails.
Your skin is folded all over.
Grooming unfolds it.
The folds are responsible for your looks, your aging and your bodily aches and pains.

Grooming hand

Why groom?

•Beauty: As you groom, you remove the hardness, blemishes, lesions and traits that are responsible for your ugliness.
You become more beautiful than you've ever been.
•Aging: Without grooming, skin ages and becomes flabby, spotted, sagged and wrinkled.
Arthritis, chronic pain, loss of sensitivity and many of the crippling illnesses and disabilities that come with age are due to a lack of grooming.
•Pain: Some areas on your body are more deeply folded than others.
In many places, the folding is so severe that occasional pain develops when you move.
This discomfort will become more frequent and the aching more intense with time.
In fact, folds are the source of most of your physical aches and pains.
You can free yourself from them by grooming your skin with your fingers and nails.

At last, a cure for those illnesses
that medicine couldn't explain

Grooming covers many health problems, from aches and pains to severe disabilities and nervous system disorders, that scientists couldn’t explain.
It proves that a big part of our understanding of skin, pain and aging is erroneous.
When you locate your pain inside your skin, you stop worrying about its origins.

Grooming debut

In 2002, I started experimenting on my skin with my nails.
At first the results were ambiguous, but I soon discovered a world of tension and hardness inside my skin.
My technique gradually got better and I understood that I was actually unfolding my skin.
Nails can feel and locate folds and their crossings within the skin and you can unfold them by using various grooming techniques.

Grooming and primates

Humans are primates.
All other primate species groom every day for extended periods.
There is no doubt that our ancestors were grooming in the past, and that we’ve stopped at some point in our evolution.

Responsibility for what
you look and feel

Grooming proves that the role of genetics and heredity in health and beauty has been greatly exaggerated.
Health conditions considered as illnesses or disabilities can be groomed away and aesthetic problems cured without make-up or surgery.
Grooming represents beauty and ageless pain-free living for all.

Try it

I know that several people are repulsed by the idea of touching their skin with their nails.
Many people will laugh and joke, but few will actually try grooming.
Nevertheless, grooming is fun and pleasurable; it leaves you with a feeling of well-being, satisfaction and relief.
Don't read these pages without putting grooming to the test.
You owe it to yourself and to your intellectual integrity.
Try it out!

Grooming is 100% natural and free, using God-given tools.

Good grooming.

Daniel Laberge




Let your nails grow

Hand with nails

You can't groom
if your nails aren't long enough


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