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Mutual grooming

Only let yourself
be groomed superficially

You groom me, I groom you

Mutual grooming involves two individuals grooming each other.
Although you can reach any part of your body and complete all the necessary grooming tasks by yourself, occasionally being groomed by someone else has several advantages;
•That person can see parts of your body that are out of your sight.
•Somebody grooming you is in a better place to work on those areas.
•You can exchange tips and share your knowledge.

It doesn't work
for deep skin grooming

Mutual grooming works perfectly for superficial grooming.
This is because you don't need to feel any sensations originating from the skin in this grooming mode.
Deep skin grooming, on the other hand, relies heavily on the information that you receive from your tactile senses.
If someone else was to try deep skin grooming on you, they would not have the necessary feedback and they could hurt you badly.
You could even stay stuck with the pain, since you wouldn't even understand what the other person did.

You are much too folded

So, it is too risky to let anyone groom your skin deeply.
Your most painful fold crossings are monstrous but very sensitive structures.
Only you can feel the sensations coming from your skin that are supposed to guide you in the right direction.
Only you can sense how much pressure to apply without hurting yourself.

Do it and you'll regret it

I recommend not using deep grooming techniques during mutual grooming sessions and to stick to superficial grooming.
I wouldn't let anybody fool around with my skin, even if I had lots of confidence in a person.
If you do, I predict that the work will be so ill centered and ineffective that it will never end or simply leave you in pain.


How to groom someone else

The roles

The two participants take turns at being;
•The groomer; the one performing the grooming,
•The groomee; the one being groomed.
Both should be experienced at grooming in solo.
Care should be taken to make sure that fingers and nails have been cleaned thoroughly.

The equality rule

Make sure that you get groomed
as much as you groom others

In nature, there is lots of unfairness as to who gets groomed and for how long.
For humans, I recommend using an equality rule so that each performer grooms the other for the same time period.
If someone grooms you for five minutes, then you should groom them right back for five minutes.


•The groomee decides which part of the body is to be groomed and presents it to the groomer.
•The groomer approaches, and may try to change the groomee's position to allow a better access to the chosen region.
•In most cases, the groomer has to secure a hold on the groomee's body and even grasp and pull on the skin so it can be worked on.

Where on the body?

The most logically suited areas are those that one can't see or reach easily, but many others are also appropriate.
•The entire back of the body excluding the region between the buttocks.
•The entire front of the body excluding the sexual organs and the face.

How to perform mutual grooming

•Align the nails of one hand to form a four finger grooming posture.
•Gently comb the surface of the groomee's skin with scraping strokes, covering one or two inch wide bands at each passage.
•Try to pass everywhere at least once.
•Check the skin for adverse reactions; all you are supposed to see are flakes of dead epidermis.
•When you encounter areas where your four fingers won't fit, simply reduce their number.

Spotting problems

While doing this, the groomer will probably come upon all kinds of details; holes, bumps, lines, spots, ...
They should only be explored lightly and the groomee should be advised immediately of their presence.
Interesting discussions can be conducted on the problems associated with them and on the best course of action.
But this is no time for serious work on them, the groomee should take note of the locations and groom them later.

Why do it?

The main reasons are the pleasure, the warmth, the company, the exchange of ideas, ...
Mutual grooming is fun.
Other advantages include;
•Having somebody inspect those hard to see places.
•Comparing their knowledge and experience with yours.
•You learn a lot about yourself by checking out and helping out others.
•Mutual grooming is a welcomed change in your tedious grooming schedule.

Simultaneous mutual grooming

The idea is to have both participants groom the other at the same time.
In order for this to work, the locations to be groomed on each individual have to be accessible while these people are actively grooming.

The sex rule

The grooming touch and the caressing touch are two different things.
They cannot be confused.
Grooming has nothing to do with sex.
Stay away from the other person's sexual organs, unless you have an understanding on that matter.
If you feel that the other's gestures are improper or disrespectful, simply put an end to the mutual grooming session immediately.

Grooming prostitution

Grooming is free.
I'm sure some people will try to take advantage of the situation and offer grooming services for hire.
This depraved and sinful attitude would be comparable to prostitution.
Also, it would not work, as explained above and possibly leave the clients in great pain.
This is a question of respecting yourself, your body and others.

The instinct of mutual grooming

When you look at the behavior of various primate species, you see mutual grooming almost everywhere.
Unfortunately, a race called humans has stopped grooming some time ago.
In the process, haven't they lost the habit of being close to each other, in a non-sexual relationship, close enough that they can touch and help out someone else?
Part of grooming has to do with aiding others in places where they have difficulties doing so themselves.


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