by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

Nails and fingers

At last we know why we have flat nails at the tip of our fingers

Nails are made for grooming

Nails are specialized tools for grooming

How to groom your skin with your nails and fingertips

"Human grooming" video

The evolution of flat nails

Nail evolution - 1

From claws to nails

Nail evolution - 2

The toilet-claw

Your nails can feel

Nails more sensitive than fingers?

Try this comparison experiment!

Cutting your nails

Nail length

Lengths needed for grooming

Shortest nail length


Longest nail length


The grooming range

Range of nail lengths

Cutting your nails

Nail styling

How to cut your nail
Cutting the nail corners

Finishing cut

Personalized styling

Grooming fingers and nails

Lefties and righties;

groom with your writing hand

Your grooming finger

Finger's names

Finger sensitivity

Finger's sensitivity

Nail care

Healthy nails

Cleaning your nails

Keeping your nails clean

while grooming

The natural nail look

Bad habits

Peelings around the fingernail

Long nails and everyday life

A wonderful tool

"Human grooming" video
Range of nail lengths