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Folds reduce blood flow

The skin becomes so pinned down and attached
to the blood vessels and veins beneath it,
that it strangles them.

Medicine has made us aware of the importance of proper blood flow.
Blocked arteries and high blood pressure are presumed to be caused by internal malfunctions.
Grooming proves that folds in the skin can significantly reduce blood flow.

Skin clinging to blood vessels and veins

Blood vessels are fairly collapsible.
Putting even the slightest pressure on your skin crushes them.
But, what happens when the skin itself is causing the compression; because it has become fastened and clamped to what is beneath it?
It squeezes and flattens the tiny vessels.

Skin strangling blood vessels

Ungroomed skin molds itself so perfectly to the underlying vessels
that their flow is affected.

Global and local constriction

The pressure applied by your skin on your cardiovascular system can affect it in two ways, depending on how generalized it is:

Affects your blood pressure
Reduces blood flow
in a specific area

Global constriction
leads to hypertension

Capillaries are the tiniest blood vessels on your body.
Their diameter is similar to the width of a strand of spider web silk.
They permit the exchange of water, oxygen, CO2, nutrients and wastes between the blood and the tissues around them.
Capillaries not only drench the dermis, they climb up to the epidermis.
They are easily crushed when you press on your skin, but their flow returns to normal as soon as they are freed.
However, when, because of a lack of care, the skin of your whole body is clinging and clamping on your circulatory system; your blood pressure goes up.
Ungroomed skin loses its elasticity.
It confines and restricts the circulation beneath it every day a bit more.

Local constriction
isolates and leaves some regions behind

Holding a position for hours or doing the same movement repeatedly creates deep folds (often visible) that cut right through your skin.
For example, the flow in the carotid arteries, supplying oxygenated blood to the brain, can be significantly reduced by keeping your head turned for even short periods.

Carotid arteries

Carotid arteries in neck

The folds bend and crush everything on their passage,
including nerves and vessels,
decreasing, and sometimes blocking, the blood flow.

With age, some people can develop strong folds in any area of their body, making the flow reduction permanent.
Depending on how much folding has taken place and where it is located, problems and complications will occur downstream; in the regions that are now partially isolated.
Doctors try to open up these vessels internally, while skin folds on the outside are often responsible for the blockage.

Swelling and bloating increase the strangling

Puffed pillow with button

Fold crossings pin down the skin
like pillow buttons

Swelling of the body's skin occurs frequently even in healthy people.
Usually, some areas become more swollen.
Benign conditions, such as fatigue, anxiety, an upset stomach, ... can cause it, but the effects of high blood pressure, PMS, pregnancy, œdema, ... are much worse.
When the swelling occurs, the skin is stretched causing several fold crossings to become painful under the tension.
Whole regions start aching.
This explains why your symptoms may be much worse on days when your skin is swollen.


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