by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

Folds in the skin reduce blood flow

The skin becomes so pinned down and attached to the blood vessels and veins beneath it, that it strangles them.

Skin clinging to blood vessels and veins

Skin strangling blood vessels

Ungroomed skin molds itself so perfectly to the underlying vessels that their flow is affected.

Global and local constriction

Affects your blood pressure

Reduces blood flow in a specific area


Global constriction

Your skin's pressure on your vessels can lead to hypertension

You know that tight clothes can cut your blood circulation, but what about tight skin?

Visible veins on feet

© Zack George

The circulatory system is under pressure from the skin itself.

Local constriction

Folds in the skin isolate and leave entire regions behind

You lose some pressure when you step on a watering hose.

The carotid arteries

Carotid arteries in neck

The folds bend and crush everything on their passage,

including nerves and vessels,

decreasing, and sometimes blocking, the blood flow.

Large folds constraining tiny vessels

Folds on wrist

The folds can completely cut the irrigation in blood of some extremities.

Swelling and bloating increase the strangling

Puffed pillow with button

Fold crossings pin down the skin

like pillow buttons.

Skin strangling blood vessels
Folds on wrist