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A pain-free old age
by grooming your skin

You can tell most people's age
by looking at them,
but they know their age
by the pain they feel.

When you see aged skin, you see folded skin.
But, did these folds develop suddenly or have they been growing for all the life of that person?

Wrinkled t-shirt   Aged face detail
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Folds can be unfolded using grooming techniques.

Since humans don't groom anymore, the folds in their skin deepen every day, and their lives gradually become more and more miserable and painful.
We call this phenomenon; aging.
Old age is the time when the folds in your skin become so numerous and deep that they clutch, grip and clasp anything beneath them.
However, what most people see and observe are the loose, sagging regions between the folds.

Draped, sagging skin between folds

Folds create waves in your skin.
Each oscillation produces two types of skin problems:
1• Loose, sagging, hanging sections,
2• Tight, inwardly grooved areas.

Fold up and down sections

While sections of loosely hanging skin are clearly visible and aesthetically unpleasing, they are less problematic than the creases; where the skin is hard, stretched and tight.
Some folds are easier to see than others,
For example, you can easily distinguish the folds on your fingers, but not those on your waist.

Your skin is strangling your articulations

Just take a look at any articulation on your body and you will see an abundance of folds.
You've grown so accustomed to some of them, such as those that circle your fingers, that you ignore them.
Weren't they there when you were a child anyway!
Well, that's the problem.
Think of how deeply embedded and inlaid they have become now.

Folds on wrist

- Where are the trouble-spots?
- In the deep grooves.

The skin is so thoroughly entangled in the articulations that it strangles and paralyzes them, making every movement more painful as the years pass.
Moreover, the folds bury themselves so deeply that they crush the nerves and blood vessels beneath them, restricting their efficiency and flow.
However, the worse effect of this strangulation is the pain and the disabilities it generates.

The folds are responsible
for your chronic aches and pains

The folded skin has tightened its grip on your articulations for years.
The skin is now so tense and compressed that it thoroughly fills every nook and cranny of the joint.
So, when you move and flex your articulations, the skin is pinched, grinded and crushed by the mechanical action of the cartilage and bones.

Grooming under the knee

Locating your pain in your skin
will have a reassuring effect on you.

The pain may be worse when the articulation is fully extended or at a certain point during its elongation.
Arthritis is simply a name given to folded skin caught in every articulation of your body.
However, the strangling effect gets much stronger in specific areas where the folds have grown outstandingly because of your actions and way of life.
Such conditions lead to chronic pain and disabilities.

You can free your articulations

Whether your pain is situated in your back, knee or hand has no importance, you can free the skin with pressure grooming strokes.
Of course, this means that you will have to press your nail onto the places where you ache the most.
This may scare you, but don't worry; as soon as you start grooming the location, the pain will subside.

Grooming the top side of your knee

The idea is simple.
Putting pressure on the folds crushes their foundations
and frees you from the pain.

So, you decide...
Do you want to keep on suffering, knowing that the pain will only get worse, or do you have the courage to free yourself?

Removing the wrinkles
for aesthetic reasons

The appearance of the sagging skin between the folds can be greatly improved by using superficial and pressure grooming techniques.
Aged skin has generally been carelessly left untouched and unloved for several years.
Most often, a coat of hardened epidermis has formed at the top of the skin.
This outside layer is so tough that I compare it to the varnish they use on floors.

Grooming the eye with one single finger

Start by working on your biggest problems

Superficial grooming strokes should be used where the skin is loose and sagging, while pressure grooming techniques should be employed in hardened areas such as the bottom of any crease or fold.

What type of health problems
can benefit the most from grooming?

•People with back problems,
•People walking with canes and limping,
•People who can't extend their limbs completely,
•People who can't move their articulations without feeling pain,
•People who suffer from pain in their feet, legs, knees, thighs, genitals, hips, belly, lower back, breast, upper back, shoulders, neck, arms, elbows, hands or head,
•People who have lost contact with part of their body,
•People who suffer from chronic pain and fatigue,

Your problems are caused by the folds in your skin.
Grooming them will eliminate the pain and return the sensitivity to what it was.

Free yourself

The prevalence of physical aches and disabilities is a proof of science's inability to understand them.
This results in useless back, hip, knee, ... surgery and leaves the people suffering.
Grooming brings the answers and explanations as to why you feel pain; but it also works miracles to relieve it.
It eliminates the pain.
So, get to action!
Only you can find the exact locations to groom.
With care and time, you will be back to normal.


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