by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

Folds in your skin and your nervous system

Every fold in your skin bends the nerves that pass there and weakens the signal transmitted to your brain.

Folded nerves

Folded wire

This is what happens to your nerves
every time you flex an articulation.



Folded wire and transmission loss

Loss of nervous transmission
where the skin is folded.

Local numbness and insensitivity

Insensitivity mapped on thumb

Some areas on your fingers
have lost some sensitivity.

Regional loss of sensitivity

Folds that cut nervous transmission to regions of the body

Large folds at the major articulations
may cut off the nervous transmission
to entire sections of the body.

The body cut off from the brain

Folds in the skin at neck level

The folds in the neck and
the back of the head areas
strangle the nerves and stop
the signals from reaching the brain.

Nerves in the neck area

The delicate nerves (in yellow)
get crushed by the skin of your neck
every time you turn your head.

Grooming your skin to restore sensitivity


Be careful, go slowly and test groom