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What is unpain?

Unpain is
the sensation you feel
when your skin unfolds

It is a pleasure!
It is the feeling your skin produces when it is liberated.
It only appears when your grooming is particularly successful.
Thus, it indicates that your actions are just right.
Keep on doing what you're doing.
Use unpain as a guide.

Everyone knows unpain

It’s the feeling you get when your back is itching badly and your nail reaches the right spot.
You go «Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh».
That’s unpain.
At that point, your actions go wrong.
You scratch.
You’re supposed to groom.

The effect of unpain

During your first grooming strokes, unpain anesthetizes the skin.
The freezing effect of poking the skin is well known. Just think of why they tap your arm a few times before giving you an injection.
After the first few strokes, it blossoms into a pleasure and its intensity depends on how close you are to the source of the pain, a fold crossing.
As you groom, you can feel that you're getting more unpain in one direction rather than the other, by grooming this way rather than that way.
Don't hesitate, follow the unpain.
Let it guide you.

Flavors of unpain

Unpain comes in as many flavors as pain does.
Can you compare a headache with a foot ache?
They both hurt but their particular location gives each pain a special color.
Unpain is just as position specific.
Every part of your body has its flavor of unpain.

Scale of unpain

Unpain is a fleeting pleasure.
It does not last because it is directly related to your unfolding actions. You always have to work for it.
The amount of unpain you get while grooming changes continuously.
You must analyze these changes and reorient your grooming strokes in real-time.
Unpain is like feeling your body shouting its relief.
In some occasions, you encounter enormous waves of unpain that can rival any other bodily pleasure.

It pushes monkeys and apes to groom.

Unpain is the contrary of
the pain that was there


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