by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

Animals and you

Humans have the wrong attitude towards animals.

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Your animality

Rejecting your animality

You are an animal

Unnatural animals and plants

Domestication of plants and animals

When you feed an animal,

it thinks you're God

Pets are slaves

Circus animals are slaves doing forced labor

Animals in zoos, animals you ride ...

still more prisoners and slaves

The love you give your pets,

you are supposed to give to other humans

Fishing and hunting

If you think you're different from the other animals, you're a problem for this planet.

Anthropomorphism and
understanding animals


Attributing human characteristics to animals.

Science rejects anthropomorphism,

and goes to the other extreme

For science,
animals have no conscience.

Science is wrong;

animals have emotions

All animals are controlled by

emotions and instinct

Avoid anthropomorphic extremes

Balanced anthropomorphism

We have to be anthropomorphic

Judging the other animals' behavior

Save the wild

There is so little left;
leave it alone!

What is left is precious,

we must preserve it

Fleeing the cities for the countryside

Get the humans out of the wild!

Ethical wilderness and animal treatment guidelines

Nature and wildlife


Stuffed animals

Animals in fiction

City animals


Animals grown for food

Experiments using animals

Information on animals

Nature and you

More primate info