by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

Primates and grooming

Primates invented grooming,
then they denatured it to the point where almost none is performed anymore.

The origins of grooming;
from claws to flat nails

The first primates
were grooming correctly.

Peaceful and clean animals

A complete system

How did the first primates groom?

How flat nails evolved

Can I do something about my itch or pain?

Are primates grooming correctly?

Grooming is the action of unfolding the skin, while the primates are removing parasites and debris.

Are these primates grooming?

Primates grooming
Primates grooming

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Primates grooming
Primates grooming

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Observe how the groomers focus their attention

on the area that they are grooming.

They are not grooming

What they are doing

Using sight while grooming

Badly groomed primates:

you be the judge

Folds on a chimpanzee

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Folds all over signal an ungroomed face.

Folds on a younger chimpanzee

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This younger chimpanzee

visibly hasn't been grooming.

Grooming in the wild;
social, but ineffective

How long do primates groom?

Self versus mutual grooming

Motherly grooming

Mother grooming her child

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Social grooming

Denaturing grooming

The «not-so-lost» instinct of grooming

More primate info

Folds on a chimpanzee
Folds on a younger chimpanzee
Mother grooming her child