by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

Skin do's and don'ts

Skin do's and don'ts



Grooming your skin

Exposing your skin to the sun

Spending time outside every day

Getting wet every day

Touching your skin

Staying nude all you can

Having a healthy lifestyle

Taking care of your skin yourself

Exfoliants,  scrubs and abrasives

Toners and astringents


Jewelry, watches and glasses

Botox and dermal fillers


Creams, lotions and moisturizers

Treatments and masks


Cosmetics and make-up


Manicure and pedicure

Wearing tight clothes

Permanent epilation

Nail polish

Unhealthy living, smoking, stress

Laser resurfacing

Scratching and pinching

Spas and clinics


Plastic surgery

Serums and oils



Skin do's

Getting rid of your old skin

Grooming your skin

"Human grooming" video

Say no to creams, lotions and moisturizers
and yes to grooming your skin

Already equipped with cream

Creams and moisturizers choke your skin

The right way to exfoliate your skin is to groom it

Your skin needs to be exposed to the sun

The only natural way to hydrate your skin is with water

Avoid putting anything on your skin

Taking care of your skin yourself

Groom your skin every day

Skin don'ts

Your nails are better tools

Cosmetics are harmful to your skin

Filling your skin with chemicals

Grooming is better than plastic surgery

Stay away from permanent epilation

Your nails are not toys or decorative objects

Scratching and pinching your skin

Respect your skin

Skin do's and don'ts
"Human grooming" video
Skin do's and don'ts
"Human grooming" video