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Skin care

Sun, creams and lotions

The contrary attitude

Dermatology, skin care, aesthetics and cosmetics all try to preserve your skin when you're supposed to assist its natural exfoliation system by grooming it.
No wonder it deteriorates the way it does.

Skin peeling and flaking

Dead epidermis cells are designed to strip off daily.
The process is called desquamation.
Skin flakes that get loose, scurf and dandruff are all normal reactions.
You should not try to conserve these old peels.
Anything you put on your skin that hampers their shedding is detrimental.

Grooming helps desquamation

At last, grooming permits the completion of the skin's desquamation process.
Coats of dead cells can be raked off easily.
Your skin is rejuvenated and renewed as it should naturally be.

Already equipped with cream

Your body has over five million sebaceous glands acting like five million little cream tubes.
Sebum is a natural lubricant.
It is spread over your skin while grooming.
It locks moisture in, while keeping the lines of communication between your skin and the outside open.
This is the natural substance your skin wants and needs.
Your sebum has been standing almost idle in these glands for all your life.
At last, grooming your skin releases it.

No creams, nor lotions

You should not put any cream or lotion on your skin.
You think you are protecting it, when in fact you are harming it.
It is seeking liberation, then you harness it.
You don't want to preserve old skin.
How do you want superficial flakes to cast off if they are covered with a retaining agent?
Even for scratches and contusions, your skin is best left alone to heal with proper air contact.

Mixed up skin

Your skin is already crying for your help to rid it of its folding and excessive thickening.
Putting alien agents on it such as creams and make-up gets it confused about its own state.
Their moisturizing agents contradict its urge to exfoliate.
How should it react to all these opposite signals?
Your skin gets mixed-up.
But in the end, the dead epidermis cells remain in place all nice and shiny.


Cosmetics and make-up

They make you look artificial

The natural look will become the norm when groomed skin appears.
There is no possible comparison.
Groomed skin is it.
Even just a few minutes of grooming give your skin a shine and a radiance that cosmetics cannot parallel.
Blood is rushed in abundance to irrigate the outer skin layers.
This changes its tint, texture, gloss and transparency while it equalizes various areas.
Look at the skin of a baby and you will see this proximity of the blood with the surface.

Loss of interest

Once you've started grooming, you will stop putting on make-up.
You will soon find out that your skin is much more attractive and beautiful when left unadorned.
You will also grasp how unhealthy putting unknown chemicals on your new pride is.

Make-up and grooming
don't mix

Anyway, there is no way grooming and make-up can cohabit.
Putting anything on freshly opened folds and crossings is painful and could be hazardous to your health.
Worse of all, you can't groom when you have make-up on your face.

Cosmetics are harmful

Using cosmetics is detrimental to your skin.
Some chemicals penetrate deeply.
Applying them forms a barrier on the skin.
It becomes choked with no air access, communication with the outside world is cut.

Respect your skin

The way humans generally treat their skin is disrespectful of this remarkable creation.
They don't seem to realize that it is an organ and has to be cared for.
I disapprove practices such as tattooing, piercing, permanent make-up, cosmetic injections, aesthetic or plastic surgery, ...
Your skin is not a toy.
Your lack of respect for it reveals your lack of respect for yourself.


Quick skin care guide

So how should you take care of your skin?
Here are a few tips;
• Over one hour of grooming a day is my first recommendation.
• Try to groom your entire skin surface during this time period.
Sunlight and fresh air
• Expose your skin to the sun for several hours every time the sky is blue.
• If it rains, give it fresh air.
• After a grooming session, direct sunlight heals your skin. You will feel its benefits immediately.
Itch awareness
• Respond to any signal from your skin with inquisitive exploration.
• Immerse your body in water at least once daily.
• While bathing, groom all you can.
Soap and shampoo
• Use mild soaps and shampoos.
• Only use soap on parts of your body that are dirty.
After the bath or shower

• After bathing, your skin may become quite dry, it may even have flaking patches.
• You can apply regular cream on the parts that have been washed with soap to remoisturize the skin.

At bedtime
• Do not put any moisturizing agent on your skin.
This is the time when your skin does most of its work.
Keep your body healthy
• Your general health is posted by your skin for everyone to see.
• Activate your body outside for at least three hours a day.
• No smoking or drinking.
Free your skin
• Don't put on any decorative elements.
• Jewelry, clothes and make-up are disrespectful of your skin.
Inspecting and restoring
• Inspect your skin manually and visually.
Loving your skin
• Touching and caressing are both winners.


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