by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

The epidermis;
desquamation, cicatrisation and aging

The epidermis is the skin’s surface, the outermost layer.

Skin layers

At last, grooming comes to the help of its desquamation process.

The epidermis sub-layers

Grooming the corneal layer

The epidermis sub-layers.

The epidermis formation layers

The corneal layer and desquamation

The deficient epidermis desquamation process

The self-renewing epidermis

Desquamation not functioning

Grooming complements desquamation

Grooming the corneal layer

Grooming the corneal layer

The top part of the corneal layer
should be groomed off

Layers and coats explained

Skin's wound healing process and folds

Your skin treats folds as injuries and tries to repair their damage.

The healing process paves the folds

Imperfections get hidden

The epidermis and aging

Age and the corneal layer

Reduced epidermis formation

The corneal layer and folds

Grooming the corneal layer
Grooming the corneal layer