by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

Grooming with both hands

While grooming, I use both hands most of the time

Ambidextrous grooming

Grooming with either your right or left hand

Left and right hand grooming

Have you tried grooming one location with the other hand?

What hand would do a better job?

Finger angle

Your choice of hand depends on what finger has the best angle to reach a given location.

One finger pushing, one finger pulling

To reach this point on the right side of my thigh,

my right finger is straight and pushing,

while the one on the left is curved and pulling.

Hands taking turns

Two-handed grooming

Grooming with both hands simultaneously goes twice faster.

Comparing sides

Hands comparing sides

Groom both sides of your body at the same time.

Helping hands

Use your other hand to assist and help your grooming hand.

Laying out the workspace

Stabilizing the skin

Stretching the skin with one finger

One grooming hand, one stretching hand

The left finger stretches the skin,

while the right one grooms it.

Stretching the skin with two or more fingers

Stretching on both sides

Two fingers on the right stretch the skin

so that the one on the left can groom it.


Place your underpinning finger at some distance

from your grooming nail in order to create a flab of flesh.

How underpinning works

How to perform underpinning

One grooming hand, one underpinning hand

A band of skin is captured.

Use it as a work table.