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Human grooming rediscovered

A seven minute presentation.
See grooming in action.


Text for the video:


In 2002, I started investigating my skin with my nails.
I found out I could open up the lines and wrinkles on my body.
This led me to conclude that, in fact, they were folds and that the skin was folded over like a pleated fabric.
Using your nails, you can unfold the skin.
I later realized that these folds were the cause of my bodily aches and pains and that I could reach and eliminate them with my nails.

You were born with folds.
Some are vertical, some are horizontal and some are the result of all your actions and expressions.
Folds are responsible for your looks and your aging. Those on your face are deeper.
It is hard to conceive that even the most beautiful skins are actually completely folded over.
Grooming is the action of unfolding your skin.

The skin is greatly deformed by the folds, but the real damage occurs where they meet; at the fold crossings.
These intersections become knots inside your skin, and they grow.
Many become lesions such as; pimples, blackheads, dark or pale spots, bumps and holes,... but most cannot be seen.

Your parents should have groomed you and taught you how to do it yourself.
In order to groom, your nails have to extend past the fingertips, but just a little.
There are several grooming techniques.
Some are performed using one single finger while others are done by grouping up to four fingers together.
We can distinguish two types: superficial grooming and pressure grooming.

Every passage of your nail on your skin liberates some sebum, your natural lubricant.
Dermatologists and aestheticians are completely wrong about how to treat your skin.
They tell you to apply creams and lotions to preserve it and stop it from aging.
On the contrary, your skin is supposed to renew itself naturally, as the outer epidermis layers flake off, helped by daily grooming.
Superficial grooming is used to remove dead skin cells from the top of the epidermis.
It is most often performed with four fingers, but you must proceed gently and carefully, so you don’t go too deep.
You want to cover your whole body.
In delicate or hard to reach regions, use only one finger.
Superficial grooming is the only type you can perform on someone else.

Pressure grooming, also called deep skin grooming, is used to unfold the skin.
It is particularly effective for aches and pains and for aesthetic problems.
With your finger perpendicular to the skin, simply apply pressure for one to three seconds.
Move your nail a bit, and start over.
As you do so, try to form a mental picture of what lies beneath the surface of your skin.
When you meet a fold, follow it, as you open it up.
At some point, you will feel a bump or a hole with some hardness and a sizable structure inside your skin; this is a fold crossing.
Keep-on pecking your skin with moderate pressure while you refine your aim to find the center of the crossing.
When you perceive that you finger and nail are exactly on top of the crossing, remain where you are and increase the pressure on your finger.
You will feel your skin open up, as your nail penetrates and crushes the fold crossing.
Hold the pressure for several seconds while adjusting your angle so that your finger aims for the deepest portion of the crossing.
The force exerted on the skin smashes the fold’s structure.
Only you can do this.
You will often have to use your other hand to stabilize and stretch the skin.

Put all the pressure you can on your skin without hurting yourself.
Go slowly and experiment.
Your nails will sometimes leave marks on your skin, but these should disappear within ten minutes.
If they don’t, you’re putting too much pressure.
Pressure grooming techniques are personal, don’t use them on someone else and don’t let anyone perform them on you.

Grooming is not optional.
The folds and their crossings continuously pinch your skin, but from the inside, and some become very painful.
When you feel a backache, headache, bellyache, pain in the neck, shoulders, knees, feet, articulations or wherever; the actual pain is located inside your skin.
You can reach it and groom it away.
Itches, aches and pains are signals that your skin needs manual inspection.
Don’t ignore or scratch them away.
Chronic pain, arthritis, loss of sensitivity and many of the crippling illnesses and disabilities that come with age are due to a lack of grooming.

In the primate family, pointed claws have evolved into flat nails that are specifically designed to feel and open the folds.
All primate species groom for over an hour a day, except humans.
There is no doubt that our ancestors were grooming in the past, and that we’ve stopped at some point in our evolution.

Grooming is 100% natural and free, using God-given tools.
Thanks and good grooming.



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