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The pain is in the skin

An eight minute presentation.
See grooming in action.


Text for the video:

I have great news for you.
I’ve found out how to free you from your aches and pains.

We all have aches and pains that cannot be cured by medicine, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, etc. and we resort to pain killers to relieve them.
I’m talking about pain in the neck, in the knee, in the arm, in the foot, in the shoulder, bellyaches, backaches, headaches etc.
In fact, doctors don’t know what causes the pain.

You only need to groom your skin for a few minutes to find out that your pain originates from permanent folds in your skin.
These folds crisscross your body from head to toes and they are the source of your aches and pains.
Even if you think that your pain comes from muscles, organs, bones or cartilage beneath the skin; you will easily locate it inside the folds of your skin when you groom it with your fingertips and nails.
Folds are painful because skin is packed with free nerve endings and pain receptors.
Folding it feels like pinching it continuously and can produce acute and stinging pain.

Grooming takes some courage because you have to press your nails directly into your pain.
You’ve been ignoring your itches and pains all your life.
As soon as you feel the slightest pain, anywhere on your body, you’re supposed to respond immediately with your fingertip or nail in search of its cause.
Explore the aching region to locate the pain and place your nail where it hurts the most.
Most people don’t even know where their pain is located, because they’ve never searched for it.
When you find it, make a mental note of it’s location.

To relieve the pain and tension in the folds, you want to crush the skin using the most effective grooming technique; pressure strokes.
Press your nail into your skin.
Increase the pressure.
Keep this position for several seconds.
Then, release the pressure.
Repeat this procedure over and over while refining your aim for the center of your pain.
Don’t forget that your pain is located far beneath in the folds of your skin, so any detail you feel on the surface is irrelevant.
Press your nail in as deeply as you can and try to reach the pain.
You want to plow and flatten the skin with your nails until it becomes supple, malleable and painless once again.
To speed-up the process, use all four fingers as much as you can and groom with both hands simultaneously.

You will probably find out that the pain you feel comes from more than one spot and that those painful spots are linked by lines.
In fact, these lines are folds and the spots are fold crossings.
The skin becomes so tense at fold crossings that it produces a sharp pain that hinders your movements.
Concentrate your grooming efforts on the fold crossings by repeatedly crushing them with your nails.

Muscles, tendons and organs don’t hurt.
Even muscular cramps aren’t muscular.
It’s your skin that’s causing the ache.
If pain appears somewhere while you’re walking, working or exercising, … Stop and investigate it!
You’ll find the pain right there, in your skin.
Not beneath it.
Groom the pain away and resume your activities.

Hundreds of illnesses are not illnesses; they’re the result of not grooming an area.
If the skin had been groomed, no disorder would have occurred.
Arthritis is a good example.
People consider their skin as a flat surface, when it is a multi-layered tissue, packed with hair follicles, sweat glands, nerves and blood vessels, that cannot be folded without greatly affecting the performance of its components.
Folds are not only painful, they create insensitivity by bending the nerves and they reduce the blood flow by flexing the blood vessels.

Every joint on your body is strangled by folds.
You’ll find “compressed” folds on one side and “stretched” ones on the other, but the folds are actually circular.
These folds are constricting your articulations like permanent rubber-bands.
Every time you flex the joint, the skin that lies over it gets stretched, compressed and pinched by the moving parts.
Groom the articulation until you free the skin.

When you locate your pain inside your skin, you stop worrying about its origins.
If you groom it correctly, the pain will never return to haunt you.
But, if you groom recklessly, you can hurt yourself.
Be cautious and test-groom.
Try grooming an area several times a day, but for short periods.
Only you can find and relieve your pain, so don’t let anyone groom you.
If you strike blood, stop working there until it heals.
You will find many other grooming techniques on my website.

The next time you feel pain, place your finger where it hurts.
Have a pain-free day.
Thanks, and good grooming.


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