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The pain is in the skin

A six minute presentation.
See grooming in action.


Text for the video:

In this video, we will see how to groom away your pain.

While grooming, I noticed that the pain I thought came from muscles, organs and bones beneath my skin, was actually coming from folds, inside the skin itself.

Movements create folds in the skin on both sides of any articulation, resulting in pain.
The folds attach themselves to any detail or unevenness.

Let’s suppose your knee hurts.
You possibly think your cartilage or bone is damaged.
In fact, your skin is folded there, for obvious reasons, and the folds are caught in the articulation.
Just groom the pain away.

Many people have back pain.
They’ve been told about flattened discs.
In fact, the skin is entangled into the spine with folds extending on both sides.
Free the skin with your nail to eliminate the pain.

People with hip problems picture huge mechanical failures, when in fact the aching fold crossings are very small.

Your feet don’t ache because of damaged tendons, these large folds are responsible for the pain and you’re walking on them.

In the abdominal region, a girdle of deep folds digs into your internal organs and the pain you attribute to your digestion often comes from them.

Headaches have several causes.
But the pain itself, for all headaches, is easy to find in the folds that circle your forehead and eyes to the back of the head and neck, down to the bottom of your shoulder blades.

Even when you’re convinced that the pain is muscular, because, let’s say, you’ve walked for hours,
Your skin is causing the ache because it has folded into the muscle.
To prove this, let’s do any exercise.
After a while, you feel your muscles warm up and, if you continue, pain will start building up at a few places.
Simply press your nail where it hurts and you’ll find the pain right there, in the skin.
And you can groom it away.

As soon as you feel the slightest pain, anywhere on your body, you’re supposed to respond immediately with your finger and nail.
Your fear of putting your nail where it hurts is understandable, but your action will anesthetise the area so you can groom.
Place your fingertip perpendicular to the skin of an aching region without looking and apply moderate pressure for one to three seconds,
Move your nail a bit and repeat.
Keep on pecking your skin, as you try to locate the most painful spot.
When you feel that your finger is exactly in the center of your pain, increase the pressure on your nail for several seconds.
You will feel the aching fold crossing open up as your nail penetrates it.
Adjust your angle so that you aim for the bottom of the crossing.
You want to unfold any structure you meet by crushing it.
Remember that the center of the pain is where two or more folds meet.
As the tension inside a fold crossing increases, so does the pain it generates.
It is important that you don’t use your sense of sight while grooming.
The folding cannot be seen because it is beneath the surface.
You rely on sensations coming from within your skin that only you can perceive.
Learn how to feel your way around.

Grooming covers many health problems, from aches and pains to severe disabilities and nervous system disorders, that scientists couldn’t explain.
When you locate your pain inside your skin, you stop worrying about its origins.
Unfolding your skin can only be done gradually.
Try grooming an area often, but for short periods.
If you strike blood, stop working there until it heals.
You will find many other grooming techniques on my website.

The next time you feel pain, place your nail where it hurts.
Have a pain free day.
Thanks and good grooming.


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