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NOV 1982


IKO 83' album jacket - Front   IKO 83' album jacket - Back   IKO 83' album vinyl - Side A


SEPT 2014


IKO 2014 album jacket - Front   IKO 2014 album jacket - Back   IKO 2014 album vinyl - Side A




IKO's music





The PS-3200




Korg PS-3200 synthesizer





Androids show (1981)
The group "Androids", precursor of IKO, was a quartet.
Here: Leor, Zao, Dax and Ugen





IKO Super Maxi Single 45 rpm   IKO sticker
IKO Super Maxi single - 45 rpm (1982)
IKO sticker (1983)



IKO 83' bootleg   IKO 83' button
IKO '83 bootleg
Released without authorization by
Democratic Dance records (2012)
IKO '83 button
Sold on the internet by
Minimal Wave records



The band


IKO photo
Zao, Ugen and Dax                
























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