Daniel Laberge

Rhythm exercise 1-1

Simple note figures and ties

Figures used
Name Symbol Duration
Whole note

Four beats
Dotted half note

Three beats
Half note

Two beats
Quarter note

One beat



A dot, placed after a note or silence, lengthens it by half its original value.
       A dotted whole note lasts six beats
A dotted half note lasts three beats
A dotted quarter note lasts one beat and a half
A dotted eighth note lasts three quarters of a beat


A tie is represented by a curve placed between two noteheads.
Their values are added.

     =  5 beats

You can tie together as many notes as you wish.

  =  8 ½ beats



How to perform
the exercises

There are two ways to perform the exercises:
•Vocally: Using the syllable "Ta" (recommended).
•Manually: Using your hand, finger, nail, a pencil or a stick.


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Tempo 70 bpm Tempo 100 bpm Tempo 130 bpm

Count 1, 2, 3, 4, before you start


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