A pain-free old age by grooming your skin

Old age is a time when every move you make becomes so painful that you hardly move anymore.

When you see aged skin, you see folded skin.
In fact, the folds are responsible for the most disturbing aspects of elderly life such as: chronic pain, loss of mobility, circulatory problems, loss of sensitivity, ugliness, ...
The good news is that the folds can be unfolded.
All these predicaments can be removed by grooming the skin.

Wrinkled t-shirt
Aged face
Folds can be unfolded using grooming techniques.

Since humans don't groom, the folds in their skin deepen continuously and their lives gradually become more and more miserable and painful.
We call this phenomenon; aging.
When you reach old age, pain is almost always present.
The folds in your skin become so numerous and deep that they clutch, grip and clasp anything beneath them, making any movement difficult and painful.

Grooming can remove the pain and disabilities

Revise your views about pain.

The pain is in the skin

Take a few minutes to watch the video "The pain is in the skin".
It applies to all ages, but it is particularly relevant for the elderly.

The pain is in the skin - Video

Remove your aches and pains naturally.

You may think it's too late to start something you should have done all your life.
But, reducing, and possibly eliminating, the pain from the worse spots on your body may restore your mobility and change your outlook on life.

Folds in your skin are responsible for your chronic aches and pains

You have a rational explanation for each of your chronic pains.
You've consulted specialists in different fields and you may even have a name for your specific condition.
Well, all that is wrong, and you can verify it in a few seconds.
Simply press your nail where it hurts, and you'll find the pain right there, in your skin.
Revise your thinking.

Search for the most painful spot.
Locating your pain in your skin will have a reassuring effect on you.

You may think that your condition is so bad that grooming it would take forever.
In reality, a little grooming goes a long way.
Your skin is so badly folded in some areas that even a small amount of relief can make a huge difference in the pain you feel.

Your skin is strangling your articulations

Just take a look at any articulation on your body, and you'll see an abundance of folds. You've grown so accustomed to some of them, that you ignore them. But, these folds are responsible for the pain you feel, because the skin is caught into the mechanism of the joint.

This wrist articulation is strangled by folds.
- Where are the trouble-spots?
- In the deep grooves.

The skin is so thoroughly entangled in the articulations that it strangles and paralyzes them, making every movement more painful as the years pass.
The pain may be worse when the articulation is fully extended or at a certain point during its elongation.
Moreover, the folds bury themselves so deeply that they crush the nerves and blood vessels beneath them, restricting their efficiency and flow.
As the folds tighten their grip on your articulations, some skin is pressed into their moving parts.
So, when you move and flex your articulations, the skin is pinched, ground and crushed by the mechanical action of the cartilage and bones.

Arthritis and rheumatism

Cure your arthritis without medication - Video
Cure your arthritis without medication - Video

Arthritis and rheumatism are simply names given to cutaneous pain caused by skin that has folded into the mechanism of each articulation on the body.

This arthritis is simply folds in skin of the knees
The principle is simple.
Putting pressure on the folds crushes their foundations and frees you from the pain.

Rehabilitate your disabilities

Some aches and pains have a debilitating effect; they stop you from doing some activities you once did.
Grooming those places, using pressure grooming techniques, can put you back into action.

Walking aids
Pain makes you use these aids. Locate the aching spots and press your nail on them.

Your condition will only get worse if you don't take control of the situation.
Start by locating precisely the points where the pain comes from (mark them with a pen if needed).
Then, press your nail directly into your pain for a few seconds.
Repeat this operation several times a day.
Over the following days and weeks, the pain should disappear completely.
Once you understand that your pain simply comes from your skin and that you can tame it, your level of anxiety goes down and your confidence goes up.

Old age and nervous disorders

Although the brain and spinal cord are surrounded by tough membranes, enclosed in the bones of the skull and spinal vertebrae, and chemically isolated by the blood–brain barrier, they are very susceptible if compromised.

Source: Wikipedia

The huge folds on the body of elderly people don't only bend their skin.
The nerves and blood vessels that pass there get folded along with the skin.
The worse damage occurs where the folds dig deeply into the skin.

Deep folds in the neck
The nerves passing through the neck are particularly vulnerable. They get compressed, bent and pinned down by the big folds in the skin.

Grooming the areas where the nerves are blocked can restore the sensibility and responsiveness of affected regions.
For more information:

-How folds in your skin affect your nervous system

-Grooming your skin to restore sensitivity

Restoring your looks

Removing the wrinkles for aesthetic reasons

Aged skin has generally been carelessly left untouched and unloved for several years.
When you're over fifty, it's too late to rejuvenate your skin completely using pressure grooming techniques.
But, your nails and fingertips can do an excellent job on your ugliest and most deteriorated areas.
The appearance of aged skin can be greatly improved by using grooming techniques.

Aged skin
- Why is this skin so folded?
- Because it never has been touched.

The skin is not only folded, it is covered with a thick layer of dead, hardened cells.
This coat of cells looks like the varnish you put on wood, and it's just as tough and resistant.

Sagging skin and deep folds

Folds create waves in your skin. Each oscillation produces two types of skin problems:
1• Loose, sagging, hanging sections,
2• Tight, inwardly grooved areas.

Folds ups and down
The skin hangs between the folds.

While the bumps of hanging skin are clearly visible and aesthetically unpleasing, they are less problematic than the creases; where the skin is hard, stretched and tight.

Two problems = Two grooming methods

You can't use the same grooming technique on the folds and on the drooping and bulging skin.
Superficial grooming strokes should be used where the skin is loose and sagging, while pressure grooming techniques should be employed in hardened areas, such as the bottom of any crease or fold.

Pressure grooming

With pressure grooming, instead of scraping the surface, you press on the skin with your nail to crush any hardened element.
Place your nail:
• At the top of the highest bumps in your skin,
• At the bottom of lowest pits,
• On any spot or discoloration, and peck the skin with pressure strokes.

Grooming your eye
Start by working on your biggest problems.

Repeatedly crushing the skin in areas where it has toughened will gradually remove all hardness and restore its elasticity.
Even if you're grooming for aesthetic reasons, you may find spots where pain is present or where nerves are pinched.
Pay special attention to those places, they may need much more grooming than elsewhere.

Superficial grooming

With superficial grooming strokes, you gently rake the surface of the skin to remove dead epidermis cells.
Your problem is that these cells have now formed a very hard and thick coat.
Don't use abrasives, such as rasps, masks, peelings, etc., to remove them.
Your nails are much better suited for this task because you can easily control their pressure and location.

Free yourself

The prevalence of physical aches and disabilities is a proof of science's inability to understand them.
This results in useless back, hip, knee, ... surgeries, that leave the people suffering.
Grooming answers the question "Why do I feel pain?"; but it also works miracles to relieve it.
It eliminates the pain.
So, get to action!
Only you can find the exact locations to groom.
With care and time, you will be back to normal.

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