by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

Folds in the skin are the main cause of hypertension and reduced blood circulation

The folds in your skin bend, compress and strangle the blood vessels and veins beneath them.

Blood vessels folded by the skin

Folds in your skin crush the collapsible blood vessels


Circulatory system

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The blood vessels are shielded in some areas, but they are exposed, compressible and bendable in many places.

Folds in the skin cause global and local constriction

Skin strangling blood vessels

Ungroomed skin molds itself so perfectly to the underlying vessels that their flow is affected.

Folds on wrist

The large folds put pressure on the flexible arteries and veins that pass beneath them.

Circulatory problems caused by cutaneous folds

The blockages occur where the arteries are bent by skin folds

Atherosclerosis is the number one cause of death and disability in the developed world.

Skin folds bend arteries

The skin bends, compresses and flattens the arteries.

Your skin's pressure on your vessels can lead to hypertension

You know that tight clothes can cut your blood circulation, but what about tight skin?

Visible veins on feet

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The circulatory system is under pressure from the skin itself.

Putting pressure on the circulatory system

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You can feel the pressure that the band puts on your arm.
Ironically, your skin does the same on your whole system.

When your arms or legs fall asleep

You lose some pressure when you step on a watering hose.

Tingling sensation on extremities

The pins-and-needles sensation appears when the blood returns to the regions where the circulation has been cut.


Carotid arteries in neck

The folds bend and crush everything on their passage,

including nerves and vessels,

decreasing, and sometimes blocking, the blood flow.

Skin folds cause paresthesia

When the blood can't reach your head and brain, undesirable effects can take place.

Folds in the skin block the flow in the veins

Varicose veins are veins that have become enlarged and twisted.


Varicose veins

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The blockages mostly occur at fold crossings and can be freed by using pressure grooming techniques.

Muscle cramps do no exist; they are skin cramps


 A cramp is a sudden, involuntary muscle contraction.

Blood clots occur where the skin is folded

 A thrombus is an aggregation of platelets and red blood cells that form a plug in veins or arteries.

Swelling and bloating increase the tension

Puffed pillow with button

The swelling increases the pain you feel from fold crossings.

How to restore the blood circulation

Free your circulatory system from the pressures of your skin

An introduction to human grooming

"Human grooming" video

Superficial grooming;
Reestablish the irrigation of large areas

Pressure grooming;
Find and free the blockages with your nails and fingertips

Removing the blockage with pressure grooming

Apply pressure strokes repeatedly on the suspected blockage points.

Circulatory system
Skin strangling blood vessels
Folds on wrist
Tingling sensation on extremities
Skin folds cause paresthesia
"Human grooming" video
Removing the blockage with pressure grooming