Human grooming

Human grooming is the action of unfolding your skin with your nails and fingertips.

You groom your skin to:
● Remove your aches and pains,
● Get rid of your ugly features,
● Relieve nervous disorders,
● Restore blood flow,
● Prevent aging.

Human grooming is a revolution in health-care.
It shames medicine and dermatology.
It lets you take control of your well-being, your pains and your looks.

Thousands of cutaneous folds

The skin of your whole body is criss-crossed by thousands of folds.
Your facial features are simply folds in the skin of your face.
The folds are created by all your movements and expressions.

Cutaneous folds on the forehead and on the wrist
Cutaneous folds on the elbow and in the neck
Only a tiny portion of your cutaneous folds can be seen, but they can easily be felt with your nails and fingertips.

Cutaneous folds are completely ignored by medicine and dermatology.
Yet, skin is a multi-layered tissue laced with blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles, sweat glands, touch, pressure, heat and pain receptors, ...
Skin can't be folded without greatly affecting the performance of these components.
Permanent folds are harmful and unhealthy.

Skin components
Fold me.

Cutaneous folds are the source of most of your aches and pains, of your ugliness, of your aging, and more.

Permanent cutaneous folds

When your repeated actions cause excessive folding in the same location, your system protects itself by paving the bottom of the folds with coats of epidermis cells.
The folds become permanent.

Epidermis formation inside a cutaneous fold
Permanent fold filled with epidermis cells.
When the folding is too intense, your skin paves the crease with coats of epidermis cells to prevent damage.

Thousands of fold crossings

Although the folds are damaging, the real problem comes from the places where two folds meet; the fold crossings.
The skin is so badly mangled at the fold crossings that holes, depressions, bumps and lumps are formed.

Fold crossing center
Each fold crossing has four corners and a center. The center creates a chimney that drives the skin inwards into what is beneath it.

Your aches and pains originate from the bottom of your fold crossings.
Pressure points, used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, massage, acupuncture, ... are simply misidentified fold crossings.

The fold crossing chimney and pain

Fold crossings grow inwards.
As you keep on doing the movements and the expressions that produce the folds, the fold crossings continue adding more coats of epidermis, increasing their size, but mostly their depth.
A chimney is formed.

Closed and open fold crossings with chimneys

Fold crossings pin the skin to whatever is beneath it.

Most of your aches and pains, everywhere on your body, come from your fold crossings.
Fold crossings are like pegs in your skin that anchor it to whatever is beneath it.
The fold crossing chimney has a void in its center.
Bodily wastes, such as sebum and sweat, coming from the cells that form the crossing are expelled in the chimney, where they accumulate.

Unfolding your skin

You can open up and crush the folds and their crossings with your nails and fingertips.

Grooming proves that these folds can be unfolded and that the skin can regain its beauty, flexibility and painlessness.
You were supposed to groom all your life, and this omission explains how you look and feel today.

Grooming hand and fingers
You use your nails to explore, crush and unfold your skin.
Grooming is 100% natural and free.

How do you groom?

The older you are, the longer it will take to unfold your skin.

There are two main grooming techniques:
• Pressure grooming
• Superficial grooming

Pressure and superficial grooming pie chart


With pressure grooming, you use short or long pressure strokes to crush the folds and flatten the skin. 

Pressure grooming
Pressure stroke:
Apply as much pressure as you can, for several seconds, on one spot without hurting yourself.

The best method to open up and eliminate a fold, or a fold crossing, is to compress and smash it.
Folds and their crossings become hardened structures inside your skin.
To restore the skin's suppleness, you must squash them by applying lots of pressure on them.


With superficial grooming, you rake dead skin cells of the top of your epidermis.
It is mostly accomplished during the exploration part of your daily grooming.
Any superficial skin formation, or dead skin cells, must be promptly removed.
The skin of your whole body needs to be touched and inspected periodically.

Medicine, surgery, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, osteopathy, ... are all wrong about pain

The people who give these treatments have no idea of where the pain comes from.
You're risking your health and mobility by following their advice.
The fact that so many pain clinics exist proves that none of their techniques actually work.

Pain clinic
No one gets healed in those places.

The same goes for pain relief products and gadgets.
All these people are dishonest: because they know full well that their treatments don't work.

Dermatologists, skin care specialists and beauty products are all wrong about skin

You don't want to preserve your old skin; you want to get rid of it.
Your skin doesn't need hydration, except for water.
Creams, lotions, serums, ... hamper your skin's natural desquamation process.
You should never apply anything on your skin.

Skin care products
Your skin doesn't like to be hydrated with anything but water.

Dermatologists and skin care specialists claim they can clear your skin problems with their treatments and products; when they've never touched their own skin.
You can't understand skin with microscopes.
Your fingernails are the best tools to treat your skin.
These people make enormous profits selling, often simple, compounds at an exorbitant price.
Grooming your skin is natural and free.

Three reasons to groom your skin

To remove your aches and pains

Pain in the back, in the knees, in the shoulders, in the feet, ... most pains have the same cause; folded skin.
Pain is a call for action.
You're supposed to react to any itch, ache or pain by investigating and grooming it with your fingers and nails.
Because you've never groomed your skin, some points on your body have become very folded and tense; those are the places that make you suffer.
It takes some courage to place your finger where you hurt, but by using pressure grooming strokes, you can heal and eliminate the pain.

To remove your ugly features

The more the skin of your face is folded, the uglier you are.
People call the folds in their face "facial features".
But, they are cutaneous folds, just like anywhere else on your body.
These folds can be unfolded by using pressure grooming techniques.
Start by grooming the places that you dislike the most.
Removing the folds is like removing your ugliness.
Grooming rejuvenates your skin and you become more beautiful than you've ever been.

To prevent aging

Without grooming, your skin ages and becomes flabby, spotted, sagged and wrinkled.
Many folds become easily visible with age.
Arthritis, chronic pain, loss of sensitivity and many of the crippling illnesses and disabilities that come with age are due to a lack of grooming.

At last, a cure for those illnesses that medicine couldn't explain

Grooming resolves many health problems, from aches and pains to severe disabilities, blood flow restrictions and nervous system disorders, that scientists couldn’t explain.
It proves that a big part of our understanding of skin, pain and aging is erroneous.
When you locate your pain inside your skin, you stop worrying about its origins.

Grooming debut

In 2002, I started experimenting on my skin with my nails.
At first the results were ambiguous, but I soon discovered a world of folds and fold crossings inside my skin.
I explored all kinds of methods to open up and remove the folds.
I found out that almost all my aches and pains were situated on fold crossings and that I could groom them away.

Grooming and primates

Humans are primates.
All other primate species groom every day for extended periods.
There is no doubt that our ancestors were grooming in the past, and that we've stopped at some point in our evolution.

Responsibility for what you look like

Grooming proves that the role of genetics and heredity in health and beauty has been greatly exaggerated.
Health conditions considered as illnesses or disabilities can be groomed away and aesthetic problems cured without make-up or surgery.
Grooming represents beauty and ageless pain-free living for all.

Try it

I know that several people are repulsed by the idea of touching their skin with their nails.
Many will laugh and joke, but few will actually try grooming.
Nevertheless, grooming is effective and fun; it leaves you with a feeling of well-being, satisfaction and relief.
Don't read these pages without putting grooming to the test.
Try it out!

Grooming is 100% natural and free, using God-given tools.

Good grooming.

                    Daniel Laberge

Let your nails grow

Grooming hand with extending nails
You can't groom if your nails aren't long enough
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