by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

Mirror usage

Mirror usage while grooming your skin

Are you relying on your mirror too much or too little?

No mirrors in trees

Using a mirror without being a fake

A mirror is also a health tool.

What are you looking at in your mirror?

A mirror for your looks is a mirror for your health

Mirrors and cameras are now essential tools

Close and distant inspection

Two ways to correct what you don't like

Learn how to groom your skin

"Human grooming" video

You can't groom correctly if you look at your skin

Using your sense of sight overwhelms your feeble sense of touch that grooming depends on.

Grooming and the sense of touch

The sense sight overpowers the other senses

Looking at your skin kills your grooming

Misleading visual information

What happens when you look at your grooming finger

Dog digging endlessly

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Only your sense of touch can locate skin folds and their crossings correctly .

Grooming at night

How to use a mirror while grooming

While grooming, a mirror can be an useful guide,
but too much of it makes your work ineffective.

The 5% mirror usage rule

Don't give up the mirror completely

The most effective way to use a mirror while grooming is;
The «Spot & Move away» method

Lost on your skin?
Use a mirror to see where you are

Finding a friend in the mirror

"Human grooming" video
Dog digging endlessly